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The Outdoor adventure industry has a poor reputation of employing students between semesters, resentful washouts with their own agenda, or wholly under-qualified ‘drivers’. Venture Moab™ however, has spent years establishing relationships with backcountry educators, rescue professionals, and former park employees that all share a passion for the environment we call home.

Our guides and operations managers have been formally employed by other tour operators in the region and want to bring you the best of those collective experiences. Our guides range in age from late 20’s to late 30’s, all trained in backcountry medicine and evacuation, that have the decision making and hazard avoidance skills to permit safe exploration.

Every one of our guides hails from a different part of the country with their own unique story of what brought them to the desert. Feel free to tell us what your interests are ahead of our tour! We have professionals with backgrounds in Geology, Ecology, Climate Science, Flora & Fauna, and Native American cultures.

Venture Moab™ curates the best talent in the industry with the most flexibility in scheduling, tour itineraries and quality of equipment provided. We seek to provide an opportunity for continued education, medical training and community support for those seeking a career in the outdoor industry.

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