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It’s something to consider that one of the most important issues that remains unaddressed in the outdoor industry is the rapid growth in the number of people visiting sensitive ecosystems. We are excited to see so many people becoming interested in the desert, however we want the next generation to be as lucky as those born before social media.

Locally, ‘Cryptobiotic’ or Biological soil crusts, are the building blocks for the entire ecosystem. These soils are a complex blend of different micro-organisms that work together to turn dry, orange, sand dunes into black, fertile soils over hundreds of years. These Biological soil crusts are at threat from off-trail hiking, off-road driving, off-leash dogs and the likes of other activities that violate leave-no-trace principles.

Venture Moab™ is a big believer in the “Don’t Bust the Crust” philosophy and strive to exemplify the best of leave-no-trace stewardship in this very slow-growing and fragile ecosystem. We make it one of our missions to ensure that our guides and clients are educated on how to travel in the environment without destroying the biological soil matrix while removing rubbish and leaving the landscape with less evidence of human activity then when we arrived.

Follow our activities on social media and find out how you can support local eco-restoration!

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