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Night Hiking Tours
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Laser Guided
Cosmic Excursions

Venture Moab™ offers an exploration of the night sky in a way that you have never seen before. Our Guides have an eye for the stars and would like to share with you a view everyone lives underneath, but rarely do we get to see from home. Arches National Park has been recently registered as an official Dark Skies location. On a moonless night the Milky Way will stretch from one horizon to the other. We will point out Satellites, Planets, and Constellations with a laser pointer that helps make the experience more accessible than just reading about it in a book. Plan for a couple hours after sunset and dress warm in every season. Headlamps will be provided.

Night Moonlight Hiking Tour
HIKING Excursions


It’s true that the Milky Way isn’t as spectacular when the full moon comes around each month. However it provides enough light to read a newspaper near midnight, and that provides us interesting opportunities. The canyons and arches take on a mysterious white glow and inspire a new set of emotions. come take a moderate hike with and without headlamps to explore a playground that seems like it should be off limits.

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Experiences the beauty of the desert after dark in one of the worlds international dark sky parks. Get introduced to astrophotography with a hands on experience, and learn how the basics of post processing.

Photography Services



Photography Tour




Venture Moab™ offers courses on how to get the most out of capturing this experience and every subsequent one. We have Professional Photographers that have the backcountry training and equipment and fresh approaches to the art and science of taking a good image. Learn how to correctly frame your images for the medium they will be displayed, pick settings and lenses with confidence, and even learn the basics of layering multiple images over many different lighting conditions in the backcountry. Combine with any number of our other tours or build a custom adventure all to it’s own.


Outdoor Dining

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sunset dinner

Enjoy the perfect evening, well fed and well entertained. Venture Moab™ offers a range of options from a casual picnic to a fully catered experience complete with steamed towels, comfortable furnishings and subtle music. This might be the perfect opportunity to pair with a photographer to capture a romantic moment while the emotions are fresh. Perhaps it might be just the getaway parents need while a guide takes the kids on an outing of their own. Email or call one of our guides today to explore opportunities and locations for a memorable dinner.

Outdoor Dining Picnic
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